About Us

We believe there is no substitute for insightful, original research. An understanding of the dynamics of financial markets coupled with detailed, company-specific knowledge is the foundation for superior returns.

Our Commitment

We at Shaker Investments are fully committed to our clients and our community. We work tirelessly to add value for our clients through our investment and risk management activities. In addition to taking an active approach to investment and research, we work with our business partners to maintain a high level of operational diligence, transparency, and risk management.

Shaker Investments has aligned its interests with those of its clients, as our partners and employees are heavily invested in the firm’s products. Shaker Investments was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, and we take great pride in being part of the vibrant business community of our great city. Also, we happily support many charitable organizations that have personal meaning to our clients and that assist the Cleveland area community.

We live and work right here in Cleveland, and we’re extremely proud to be a Cleveland company.
Rich Rund, Vice President Sales

Strong, In-house Research Capabilities

In light of our investment philosophy, it should be no surprise that our company and our portfolio management process are centered around research. Exhaustive investment research is the key to outperforming the averages and providing our clients with value.

Unlike many other investment management firms, we don’t depend on Wall Street research to identify and assess intriguing companies. At Shaker Investments, we perform our own research to identify leading sectors of growth, and conduct extensive due diligence on every company in which we invest, as well as many in which we don’t. Our strong historical investment returns are tied directly to how well we know the companies represented in our portfolios.