Firm History

We established Shaker Investments with a clear investment mandate: to manage equity portfolios representing primarily small and mid-cap companies whose attributes favor exceptional, long-term investment performance.

Shaker Investments was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1991. Primarily an equity manager, we specialize in the stocks of growth companies. We individually manage our clients’ accounts according to a model strategy defined and managed by our portfolio managers Edward Hemmelgarn, Brandon Hemmelgarn, Chris Hemmelgarn, and Sasha Kostadinov. Our investment decisions are not limited to any specific product, service, or security recommendation offered by a broker dealer or insurance company, but instead represent the results of research conducted at Shaker Investments by our own analysts and portfolio managers.

Research of this quality and magnitude requires people with high-level analytical skills and strong backgrounds in finance. Since inception, Shaker Investments has focused on assembling a skilled team of research analysts. For a firm of our size, we possess an unusually talented team of individuals with extensive industry-focused expertise and advanced academic degrees.