Shaker Investments acts as an investment manager for individuals and institutions through custodial accounts with brokers or banks. Typical accounts include taxable accounts, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Profit Sharing of Defined Benefit Plans, and Trusts.

We currently offer two equity portfolio investment strategies, asset allocation strategies and an alternative investment strategy.

Shaker’s equity portfolios include the Shaker All Cap Growth Strategy and the Shaker Small Cap Growth Strategy. Typical investors in the model portfolios include foundations, endowments, institutions, and high net worth individuals.

The All Cap Growth Strategy invests in growth companies over a wide range of market capitalization that includes large (more than $10 billion in market value), medium ($3 billion to $10 billion in market value), and small ($3 billion or less in market value) capitalization stocks.

The Small Cap Growth Strategy also invests in growth companies and is focused on the small capitalization end of the equity markets.

The Shaker Asset Allocation Strategies are customized portfolios for our clients’ individual investment needs. Shaker uses ETFs (exchange traded funds) and index funds to give our clients broad exposure to different asset classes in an effort to grow their portfolios and mitigate risk through diversification. Typical investors in the Shaker Asset Allocation Strategies include individuals and small endowments and foundations.

For a conversation about Shaker’s alternative investment program kindly call Rich Rund at 216-292-2950.

All stocks purchased for our clients trade on U.S. stock exchanges, or over the counter, although a number of them may be companies headquartered outside of the United States.