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Individual Investors

Shaker Investments serves individual investors including individuals, profit sharing plans, IRAs, families, small business, and trusts

Individual Investors

Shaker Investments Your Story and Goals-Individuals

Your Story, Your Goals

Life is full of complexities, including planning for your financial future. You and your financial plan are one-of-a-kind, and you will take a unique path to reach your goals, from securing a comfortable retirement to planning to start a family.

U.S. equity (stocks) has been one of the best performing asset classes over the last 100 years. We believe that the most effective way for an individual to accomplish long-term investment goals is to invest in a concentrated portfolio of primarily small and medium sized U.S. companies.

To manage risks and achieve short-term investment goals, we balance that long-term growth portfolio with a separate portfolio focused on capital preservation and income through stable, conservative investments.

Every individual has a unique financial situation and goals, so we work closely with each client on an ongoing basis to determine what that balance should be. This has been the approach we’ve taken for our clients since our inception.

We believe in a disciplined approach to investment management. Shaker Investments offers individual clients a highly personalized boutique investment management experience through three investment vehicles: Shaker Fundamental Growth, Shaker Small Cap Growth, and an alternative investment option

We are ready to work with you exclusively or in cooperation with your current trusted advisor.  

Shaker Investments Philosophy for Individuals

Our Philosophy, Explained

“Through in-depth research, superior investment returns can be achieved by finding small and mid-cap companies within growing industries that have strong fundamentals and catalysts for future growth.”

In layman’s terms, Shaker believes that the best way to grow an investment portfolio is to invest in companies that:

  1. Are in solid shape from top-to-bottom,

  2. Have businesses in growing industries (i.e. technology) and,

  3. Have products and services that are in demand today, as well as a pipeline of products and services that will help drive growth into the future.

By their very nature, small to mid-sized companies have more room to grow than the behemoths, which is why we focus our efforts on such smaller, nimble, innovative companies

A Thoughtful, Repeatable Investment Process

Shaker Investments has a time-tested, repeatable investment process that finds promising investment opportunities.

Idea Generation

We find investment ideas using

  • quantitative and qualitative screens,

  • road shows and,

  • long term familiarity with companies and their competitors.

Screening Process

The most promising opportunities then enter our research pipeline, where we evaluate company fundamentals from top-to-bottom using our 11 Characteristics of Superior Growth Companies.

Portfolio Management

Shaker Investments has a meticulous, rigorous process which includes:

  • build concentrated portfolios of long-term holdings,

  • disciplined benchmarking,

  • continuous rebalancing and management of portfolio risk, and

  • sell decisions are disciplined and made in conjunction with each investment’s thesis, as well as the fundamental strengths of each stock firmly in mind.

Risk Management

We manage diversified portfolios of concentrated positions.  Primarily, we mitigate risk by maintaining discipline in our stock selection process with regard to our rigorous selection criteria.  We further manage risk through strict portfolio construction guidelines limiting individual position size to 10%, and relative sector weightings to +/-5% benchmark sector weightings on an absolute basis.  This allows for sufficient diversification and rebalancing.

As part of the risk management process the portfolios are reviewed constantly by members of the investment management team.  The team reviews position reports, including price targets, potential risks, and long-term strategy goals for each position.  The team meets formally at least weekly to discuss portfolio weightings, new positions and broader economic trends.

Part of Shaker’s due diligence screening process is the consideration of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and other moral values-based criteria. We view the consideration of ESG issues as an important component of portfolio risk management. Responsible investing has been an integral part of our business since inception. It reflects an investment approach with a long term-view that we put to work to benefit our clients.

Our Strategies