Shaker Investments


Shaker Investments serves institutional investors such as Endowments, Foundations, Institutional Consultants, Outsourced Chief Investment Officers (OCIO), Family Offices, and Pensions/DC Plans

Institutional Investors

Shaker Investments Institutional Investment Philosophy

Shaker Investments offers institutional clients highly personalized boutique investment management services.

Our strategies include Small Cap Growth, Fundamental Growth Strategy, and our Alternative Strategy.

Investment Philosophy

Through in-depth research, superior investment returns can be achieved by finding small and mid-cap companies within growing industries that have strong fundamentals and catalysts for future growth.

Investment Process

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Shaker’s Investment process is rigorous, highly disciplined and iterative.

Idea Generation

We develop long-term investment themes that help guide our investment ideas.

To develop these themes we evaluate the current and future economic conditions and the potential impact on growth.  We then determine industries and businesses that are well positioned to thrive in these conditions. 

We evaluate a number of criteria including:

  • Business and industry trends affecting sector growth rates

  • Domestic and international economic outlook

  • Demographic factors impacting the US and the world

  • Stock and bond market outlook and relative valuation

  • Company specific issues

  • Company SEC filings

Screening Process

The most promising opportunities developed during idea generation then enter our fundamental research pipeline. 

We have developed a robust criteria for evaluating individual stocks.  All companies that become candidates for one of Shaker’s portfolios are evaluated against Shaker Investments’ 11 Characteristics of Superior Growth Companies

This process helps us turn a universe of 2000+ companies into a more manageable watch list of 150-200 companies.

Interesting candidates are then presented by individual analysts and vetted by the investment team during weekly research meetings.

Portfolio Management

  • Process driven

  • 35-50 long positions with initial position weight of 0.5% to 2.0%

  • Target holding period is 3-5 years, and potentially longer

  • Portfolios are rebalanced opportunistically and to maintain sector/position weighting targets.

  • Buy discipline (adding a new position)

    • Strong evaluation against our investments criteria, and consensus among investment team

    • Strong growth relative to price

    • Attractive fundamentals relative to historical ranges and industry peers

    • Key insider buying

  • Sell discipline (liquidating a position)

    • Sell decisions are disciplined and made with individual investment theses and the underlying fundamental strengths of each stock firmly in mind.

    • Fundamental growth thesis deteriorates

    • A better opportunity becomes available

Our Strategies