Shaker Investments

What We Do

Shaker Investments has a time-tested investment philosophy it employs to guide its successful investment process. We have 3 growth strategies: Small Cap, Fundamental (All Cap), and Alternative.

What We Do

Investment Philosophy

Shaker Investmets Investment Philosophy

Since our inception, Shaker Investments has maintained the same time-tested investment philosophy.

This philosophy guides our entire research and portfolio management process:

Superior investment returns can be achieved by finding small- to mid-cap companies within growing industries that have strong fundamentals, catalysts for future growth, and are currently mispriced by the market.

Our investment philosophy is a function of our core belief that the best way to generate above market average returns is by finding value within the broad growth category.

Investment Process Overview

The Shaker investment process is predicated on a strong research-based stock picking philosophy.

Our time-tested research platform is guided by a five step approach:

  • Identify big-picture investment themes

  • Initiate a rigorous 11-point fundamental, bottom-up analysis of relevant companies

  • Compile a watch list of approximately 150-200 stocks

  • Build concentrated portfolios of long-term holdings while continuously rebalancing and portfolio risk management

  • Maintain an unwavering commitment to Shaker Investments’ sell discipline

Investment Strategies

Shaker Investments Strategies

Shaker Investments offers three dedicated strategies for growth:

  • Small Cap Growth Strategy - invests in small-cap growth companies, with the investment objective to outperform the U.S. small cap growth index while maintaining an equivalent level of risk

  • Fundamental Growth Strategy - invests in growth companies over a wide range of market capitalizations with the investment objective to outperform the U.S. large cap index while maintaining an equivalent level of risk

  • Alternative Strategy* - A rigorously researched long portfolio combined with tactical short positions, which are used to generate alpha and hedge overall market risks.

* = Click here for Alternative Strategy Disclosures