Shaker Investments

Who We Are

Shaker Investments has undergone three distinct phases in its evolution. Today, we have an 11-member team focused on executing our investment strategy, serving our clients, and firm growth

Who We Are


Shaker Investments Team

Shaker Investments was formed with a clear investment mandate:

Manage equity portfolios consisting primarily of small and mid-cap companies whose attributes favor exceptional, long-term investment performance.

Removed from the “group-think” of the global money centers as we are, Shaker Investments does not depend on Wall Street research to identify and assess intriguing companies.

Here, we perform our own exhaustive research and make investment decisions driven by the strength of our in-depth, bottoms-up, fundamental process.

Shaker’s interests are closely aligned with those of our clients, as our partners and employees are heavily invested in the firm’s strategies.



Firm History

Shaker Investments was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1991. Our firm has undergone three distinct phases in its history:

Shaker Investments Foundation and Growth


Foundation & Growth

In the years following Edward Hemmelgarn’s founding of Shaker Investments, the firm grew rapidly.

Shaker’s “growth through value” approach using portfolios of small/mid cap stocks found a receptive audience, with our assets under management and client base rising rapidly prior to 2008’s recession.

Though our processes and portfolio management strategy have evolved, the investment philosophy established in these years has proven to be reliable and has thus endured: identify companies within growing industries having strong fundamentals, catalysts for long-term growth, and are currently mispriced by the market.

Shaker Investments Manage and Reset

2008 - 2015

Manage & Reset

During tough times and a tough market, our leadership decided there had to be a better way. While we knew who we were and what we wanted, until we had a plan to get there, we de-emphasized growth, opting instead to maintain strong relationships with our existing clients.

During this period, our firm closely resembled a family office. We focused on offering our existing clients a boutique, high-touch, service-oriented investment management service.

We also began laying groundwork for the future by strategically investing in infrastructure, finding great people who could add value to our operation, and re-evaluating our investment and portfolio management processes.

Shaker Investments Leveraging Experience for Growth

2016 - Present

Leveraging Experience for Growth

Today, Shaker Investments is more excited about the future than at any time in our past. We have completed our internal restructuring, implemented our infrastructure improvements, and have refined our top-line strategy to better serve our clients and stakeholders.

Leveraging the wisdom gained through our nearly 30-year journey, Shaker Investments offers clients old and new institutional-quality investment management, a research-driven investment process, and world class client services all set within a boutique-style business environment.